Monthly Archives: October 2011


If you have stumbled across this website already then I apologize. There’s little of interest here… yet.

I’ve registered this domain and started to set up these pages in preparation for when I will have something to say. Having written short-stories and articles for some time, I’d increasingly developed the notion and desire to write full length novel. I am currently working on this project and I’m hoping it will be the first story of several containing several of the characters introduced in this first story.

I’ve been working on my first novel for several months now as well as other smaller projects, (in the time I am able to — having small children means spare time is a precious commodity!) Over this time I’ve developed a vastly increased appreciation towards any writer who has found the dedication and endured the personal sacrifices required to finish any full-length novel length story.

In the meantime, I’ll aim to post other news, links and general bits and bobs here that I feel may be of interest.

Thank you for visiting my pages.

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