Monthly Archives: February 2012

What I’m currently up to.

I thought I would spend a moment just to let people know what I’m currently working on.

I am taking a short break from the novel I’ve been writing (or rather, not writing as the case has been recently). The reason for this is because I had an idea a couple of months ago that propelled itself into a minor obsession and demanded that I write it first.

This story is titled, “The Crowd“, and is a supernatural thriller.

The Crowd” will be available from all the usual e-book retailers, (Amazon, Apple, etc.) and Smashwords in the coming months, (I’ll confirm the exact release date once I can.)

The Crowd

Jay Porterfield is recovering from injuries sustained in the car crash that killed his wife. After being discharged from hospital, Jay begins to experience strange occurrences that quickly intensify and send his life spinning out of control.

Initially fearing for his sanity; suspecting grief or a brain injury has led to distorted perception, Jay strives to determine the true nature of what is afflicting him. What he discovers is more disturbing than he could ever imagine. 

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